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Jethro Russwurm appears on a military record

Researching the Sumner Connection

Researching the Sumner Connection published on

Connecting up the different branches of the Russwurm family has long been of interest to me, and if you’re reading this I expect it might be of interest to you, too.   So I am very pleased to point you to Russwurm Rushworm Genealogya new website set up to share the ongoing research into the Russwurm/Rushworm connection with the Sumner family of Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Jethro Russwurm appears on a military record
Jethro Russwurm, a member of the 4th Virginia Regiment from 1777 to 1778 may have died during the winter at Valley Forge. ~ document from Russwurm Rushworm Genealogy

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